We are extremely happy to announce the following amazing teachers as workshop leaders for #TLT15 at the University of Southampton on Saturday 17th October 2015.  Further details of workshops (including overviews) will be released soon.

#TLT15 Lead Speakers

Chris Waugh
Lead Speaker

Chris Waugh hails originally from New Zealand and now works as Head of Department for English and Drama at the London Nautical School in central London. He and his department are engaged in a range of innovations that concentrate on authenticity in students’ experience of learning and engaging with our school community. Chris and his department have developed the website Edutronic which provides an innovative hub for all their activities – and those of their students!

t: @Edutronic_Net

Stephen Lockyer
Lead Speaker

Stephen in a Deputy Head in Kent, has been teaching for 15 years in a variety of schools and age-groups. He has a very low boredom threshold which drives his innovation to make lessons exciting, stimulating, engaging and filled with learning opportunities! He set up SLTcamp – a CPD training weekend for teachers and has spoken at many Teachmeets and conferences. He regularly writes on www.staffrm.io about successes and failures, and has had several bestselling books published. When not teaching or writing, he marches his four children around Kent and East Sussex, to ‘build character.’

t: @mrlockyer



Pete Jones

Pete Jones is an art loving assistant headteacher from sunny Jersey, who is finally making the trip across the water to TLT 15. Pete is passionate about collaboration between departments to create memorable, rigorous, project based learning with extraordinary, beautiful outcomes. Outcomes which feed into the communities understanding of just how remarkable the young people we work with every day actually are. Pete blogs when he finds the time athttp://deeplearning.edublogs.org

t: @Pekabelo

Dan Brinton

Dan is an experienced Deputy Headteacher, with key areas of responsibility including curriculum and assessment, teaching and learning and CPD. He has led his school in the design and implementation of a challenging new post levels curriculum and assessment model from scratch which has gained considerable attention, influencing curriculum and assessment design locally, nationally and even further afield. Belmont are always keen to share, receive feedback and collaborate with others. You can read more about their work on their highly popular BelmontTeach blog at www.belmontteach.wordpress.com.

t: @dan_brinton

Chris Waugh

Chris Waugh hails originally from New Zealand and now works as Head of Department for English and Drama at the London Nautical School in central London. He and his department are engaged in a range of innovations that concentrate on authenticity in students’ experience of learning and engaging with our school community. Chris and his department have developed the website Edutronic which provides an innovative hub for all their activities – and those of their students!

t: @Edutronic_Net

Mark Healy

Mark is a Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of Psychology. He has taught as a class teacher, middle leader and senior leader in schools in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and most recently as Deputy Principal at a large international school in Hong Kong. He is currently teaching in a secondary school in Glasgow. He has a deep passion for all things psychology, and of course, for his family and football. Mark is now a member of the GTCS cross sector Research Engagement Group, working to develop a research aware teaching profession.

t: @cijane02


Sarah Findlater
Sarah is a London based Assistant Principal and teacher of English and Media.  Her first book was published this year ‘How to Survive an Ofsted Inspection.’  Her second book is due out soon so watch this space.   Sarah is also a contributing author to Ross Morrison MsGill’s ‘100 Tips for Secondary Teachers Outstanding Lessons’ and ‘Don’t Change the Lightbulbs’.  She has written articles for The Guardian Teachers Network and the TES English blog. Her own blog can be found at www.msfindlater.blogspot.co.uk.  Sarah is the proud co-founder @SLTcamp along with Stephen Lockyer.
David Doherty

Learner, teacher and currently Head of School at Cowes Enterprise College on the Isle of Wight. Interested in questioning and on how we can make our students think harder, usually by asking crazy questions. Interested in SOLO Taxonomy, Collaborative Learning and making learning challenging by making the sea roar for all involved, be they staff or students. Worked in a variety of roles in schools over the last 20 years and witnessed a lot of changes but still loving every minute of it.

t: @dockers_hoops

David Fawcett

David Fawcett is currently a teacher and Learning Innovator in a large secondary school in Hampshire with 10 years experience.  He is part of the ‘Learning and Teaching’ group at his school and works with departments and teachers to develop their practice in the classroom.  David also works with other schools and teachers within the UK and Europe as a consultant to help refine teaching.  David’s focus is on the fundamentals of teaching and he regularly writes, and talks about, topics such as feedback, questioning, differentiation and curriculum design.  He works closely with national training providers and the University of Southampton to help teachers develop, share and collaborate through #TLT15.

t: @davidfawcett27

Helen Rogerson

Helen Rogerson has been teaching since 2003 working in a range of schools before being appointed as Head of Science at Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire. She is keen to help her students understand the nature of science and develop the ability to draw conclusions from evidence. Helen is also an active member of the ASE, organising CPD events for science teachers in the West and taking every opportunity to share her opinions.

t: @hrogerson


Mark Miller

Mark Miller is an English teacher and CPD leader in a Bradford secondary school. He has spent many hours reading and writing about feedback, vocabulary development and English teaching- amongst other subjects. Mark believes that teaching is both a straightforward process and a complex art, and that the best thing we can do in schools is to build a culture where teachers routinely reflect, collaborate and practise.

t: @GoldfishBowlMM

Jennifer Ludgate & Alyson Egerton

Jennifer is Assistant Head of Faculty, Head of KS3 English and a Pedagogy Leader. With an increased interest in research-informed practice, Jennifer also looks to find the most effective and appropriate ways learners can progress. Jennifer is also one of the organisers of TLT.

t: @MissJLud

Alyson is currently Assistant Head of English. Alyson has been teaching in Hampshire schools for over ten years. Alyson has an interest in creating a sustainable and progressive curriculum that ensures progress between key stages. Recently, she has been working on how to embed effective feedback techniques.

t: @AlysonEgerton

Damian Benney

Damian Benney is a Deputy Headteacher at Penyrheol Comprehensive School in Swansea. He has been teaching for 16 years, 3 years in his current post, and is responsible for Curriculum and Staffing. He has a keen interest in developing Teaching and Learning and identifying and sharing best practice across the school. In recent years his focus has been on developing and trialling a range of feedback strategies that are both manageable for staff and meaningful for students. Damian is an advocate of using twitter for CPD and as a source of ideas for teaching, learning and feedback.

t: @benneypenyrheol

Kristian Still

After post graduate study at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Kristian Still returned to Southampton where he taught PE and Sport Science at Richard Tauntons College and coached at Southampton FC Academy. A change of sector and subject, resulted in a moving Hamble Community Sports College as Director of E-Learning and Head of ICT.  Kristian was later promoted to the senior leadership team and given responsibility for leading Progress and Attainment. Now, as  Vice Principal for Teaching Learning and Assessment at The Wellington Academy, he is focused on empowering the staff through professional development.

t: @KristianStill


Rob Smith

Rob Smith is the creator and curator of the Literacy Shed website.  Until recently Rob was a member of the leadership team in a large Manchester primary school, as the teacher leading English Rob was able to develop and embed the use of film in the classroom in order to enhance existing practice. The Literacy Shed has grown over the 3 years since its inception and there are now hundreds of films and animations that can be used to enhance existing units of work or form the basis of exciting reading and writing topics. Rob now travels nationally delivering talks about embedding film to raise standards in reading and writing. You can find The Literacy Shed online at www.literacyshed.com

t: @redgierob

Phil Stock

Phil is Assistant Headteacher at Greenshaw High School in Sutton. His main areas of responsibility are staff professional growth and the development of literacy across the curriculum. Phil has been teaching for 12 years and worked in three different schools in a variety of different roles, including Head of English. His passion is for helping teachers to continue to improve their ability to teach their students in a way that best reflects their circumstances, and to ensure that language development is an intrinsic part of learning.

t: @joeybagstock

Jo Facer

I’m Head of English at an all-girls’ comprehensive school in North London, and blog each week at readingallthebooks.com. I love reading, as well as encouraging children to read more. My decision to enter the teaching profession was driven by my frustration at the apparent inequalities within the system, and I firmly believe that every child, without exception, has the potential to achieve great things.

t: @readingthebooks

Caroline Spalding

Caroline Spalding has been Head of English at a large, bustling and vibrant 11-18 school on the outskirts of Chesterfield in Derbyshire for 4 years. She’s got a passion for poetry, literature and feminism, an irrational hatred of Charles Dickens, and a keen interest in all things Media. Bucking the stereotype, she’s also a lover of data and number crunching.

t: @HeadofEnglish


Heather Leatt

Heather is the Secondary Strategic Leader for the London Borough of Lewisham and a Lead Inspector.  She has been a teacher and adviser for more than 20 years and a senior leader in wonderful school in one of the country’s most deprived areas.  Heather believes we owe it to our children to give them the best education possible.

t: @Heatherleatt

Keven Bartle

Keven Bartle has been the Headteacher of Canons High School, a vibrant comprehensive in the Borough of Harrow, NW London since September 2014.  Previously Deputy Head at the school for six years, Keven has held responsibility for data, assessment, pedagogy and building system leadership capacity:  Canons has recently been designated a lead Teaching School within the Canons Park TSA. Keven regularly pollutes the blogosphere (pretentiously known as dailygenius.wordpress.com) with his thoughts on teaching and school leadership. Keven’s views, which are best summarised using the Latin phrase “Nil Magnum, Nisi Bonum”, are entirely his own, although he hopes that in publishing them for all to see, colleagues at his school and elsewhere will challenge him in the expectation that he matches the reality to the rhetoric.

t: @kevbartle

Colin Goffin

After 17 years at a secondary school in Suffolk where he held every post from PGCE trainee to Assistant Headteacher, Colin has recently become an Executive Vice Principal for the Inspiration Trust. As well as developing leadership and teaching and learning across the trust, he’ll be part of the team setting up and leading Trafalgar College, a brand new school in his home town of Great Yarmouth due to open in September 2016. Come and see if, to paraphrase Nelson, “(a workshop by) a Norfolk man is twice that of any other!”

t: @ColinGoffin

Jill Berry

I taught for 30 years in a range of different schools, and was a head for the last ten of these.  Since 2010 I’ve divided my time between studying for a Professional Doctorate in Education (researching the transition from deputy headship to headship), working as an Associate for the National College for Teaching and Leadership and carrying out various sorts of educational consultancy work. I’m particularly interested in supporting aspiring middle and senior leaders and heads, and am a great advocate for the power of Twitter and blogging to encourage reflection and support professional development.

t: @jillberry102

Challenge & Differentiation

Lindsay Skinner
Challenge & Differentiation

‘Lindsay Skinner is currently a deputy head teacher at Bridgwater College Academy. She is in charge of curriculum and standards. Lindsay has made  a career in a variety of special measures or requires improvement schools. Lindsay appeared as a Maths teacher in the TV series Mr Drew’s School For Boys; she is also an English teacher and PiXL English executive member. Lindsay loves to read and can be found on twitter at:

t: @lindsayjskinner

Jude Enright
Challenge & Differentiation

Jude Enright is Deputy Headteacher at an 11 – 19 inclusive comprehensive in West London. Her school has the accolade of being in the Mayor of London’s Gold Club for three years running. Jude brought her school through the SEN reforms in 2012-2014, line managing the Learning Support department as part of her work leading teaching and learning, to ensure quality teaching first for every child in every classroom. As part of that work, she started to investigate interventions-“what works?”, and is now studying for an MSC in Research for Public Policy and Practice: what works, why, and why don’t politicians ever listen?

t: @judeenright

Andy Tharby
Challenge & Differentiation

Andy has been an English teacher for nine years at Durrington High School, Worthing, and has recently taken on the role of ‘research lead’. He writes a regular blog, Reflecting English, where he considers classoom practice and other educational matters. He has recently finished co-writing a book on teaching and learning for secondary teachers. Andy’s particular interests are in evidence-informed teaching and enhancing teacher autonomy.

t: @atharby

Simon Knight
Challenge & Differentiation

Simon Knight is a Deputy Headteacher at Frank Wise School in Banbury, a school for children aged between 2 – 19 with Severe or Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, described by OfSTED as being “Outstanding and inspirational”, where he has worked for the past sixteen years. Simon is also an Associate Director at the National Education Trust and one of four Directors of Teaching School leading the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance, where he has responsibility for SEND and Research and Development. He has served as part of the DfE’s group developing the Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants and is currently part of the DfE group looking at Professional Development. He blog can be found at http://sentineluk.wordpress.com/

t: @simonknight100

Progress & Assessment

Shaun Allison
Progress & Assessment

Shaun Allison is currently a Deputy Headteacher at a large, successful comprehensive school on the south coast in West Sussex, where he leads on CPD and developing evidence informed teaching. He writes a popular blog https://classteaching.wordpress.com/ and is the author of three books – the most recent, ‘Making Every Lesson Count’, was co-authored with Andy Tharby and examines six principles that support great teaching. He loves finding and sharing the bright spots and getting that little bit better.

t: @shaun_allison

Debbie Light & Mel Aberson
Progress & Assessment

We are Debbie and Mel aka @TeacherTweaks and have worked together as ASTs; Debbie is also an AHT responsible for developing teaching and learning. Debbie teaches English and Media and Mel teaches Science; both of us are complete geeks about all things CPD and pedagogy. Our book ‘Lesson Planning Tweaks for Teachers’ is out through Bloomsbury in June 2015 and includes chapters on AfL and Marking & feedback.

t: @TeacherTweaks

Chris Hildrew
Progress & Assessment

Chris Hildrew is currently Deputy Headteacher at Chew Valley School near Bristol with responsibility for curriculum. He starts his new job at Headteacher of Churchill Academy in North Somerset in January. Chris is passionately committed to state education and is a self-confessed data and assessment geek as well as a growth mindset fanatic. You find his blog at http://chrishildrew.wordpress.com

t: @chrishildrew

Bodil Isaksen
Progress & Assessment

Bodil is Head of Maths at Michaela Community School, a free school in North West London. She previously worked in a comprehensive school in Enfield, before deciding she was discontent with many elements of the status quo. Michaela rejects levels, PRP, graded lesson observations, the spiral curriculum, and gimmicks. Bodil is interested in effective assessment which genuinely measures mastery and memory.

t: @BodilUK

Teacher Development

Lisa Jane Ashes
Teacher Development

Author of Manglish, an approach to whole school literacy and numeracy, Lisa Jane Ashes is an experienced and successful English teacher, trainer and AST. Lisa is also an Independent Thinking Associate and Pedagoo curator. Lisa writes a popular blog covering all things teaching and learning including SOLO taxonomy, planning strategies and innovative ways to engage students.

t: @lisajaneashes

Daniel Muijs
Teacher Development

Daniel Muijs is Professor of Education at the University of Southampton. Previously he worked as Professor of Pedagogy and Teacher Development at the University of Manchester, Professor of School Leadership and Management at the University of Newcastle and as senior lecturer in quantitative research methods at the University of Warwick. His research interests are educational and teacher effectiveness and he has done extensive research on what effective teachers do in the classroom, school-to-school collaboration and leadership, and is co-author of the book ‘Effective Teaching, Evidence and Practise’.

t: @ProfDanielMuijs

Harry Fletcher-Wood
Teacher Development

Harry teaches history and is responsible for CPD.  He taught in Kenya, India, Japan and North London before helping to found Greenwich Free School in 2012.  He writes a weekly blog which primarily focuses on his attempts to change his own teaching by implementing research and best practice in his own classroom.  Much of what he does is based on formative assessment.

t: @HFletcherWood

Chris Moyse
Teacher Development

Chris is an education consultant with over 25 years of experience in education. A teacher for 18 years, he was a successful Head of Physical Education and went on to become a Teaching and Learning consultant for Somerset Local Authority. Chris now divides his time between running his own consultancy business, TLC Education Services Ltd and being Head of Staff Development at Bridgwater College Academy – Somerset’s first ‘all-through’ 3-16 academy. He is also the only associate trainer with Ginnis Training Ltd – an education consultancy company led by Paul Ginnis, author of The Teachers’ Toolkit. He has supported over 150 schools across the country.

t: @ChrisMoyse

Teachmeet Workshops

Jennifer Hart

Jennifer Hart has been teaching secondary Science in north London schools for over 10 years. A passionate advocate of building powerfully engaging lessons for her students, she uses a range of techniques to enhance dialogue and understanding of the students. Having been an AST and middle manager she finally obtained her dream role as Assistant Head, leading on Teaching and Learning and CPD. A self confessed ‘teaching-geek’, Jennifer enjoys many aspects of a teachers role that others avoid. When she’s run out of planning and marking to do, she can be found geocaching around London. She can be found writing about her experiences on www.staffrm.io.

t: @Miss_J_Hart

Rachel Smith

Rachel lives and works on the Isle of Man.  She currently works as an MFL teacher at Ramsey Grammar School in the north of the island.  Prior to island life, she worked in a number of schools in South Yorkshire as a classroom teacher and then as a Head of Year. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and has a passion for using technology in the classroom in order to enhance her teaching and her students’ learning.  She regularly blogs at htttps://musingsfromtheisland.wordpress.com When she’s not in the classroom she can be found at sea in her kayak or on twitter.

t: @lancslassrach

Euan Douglas

Euan Douglas is Head of Science at Saint George Catholic College in Southampton. He is a member of the regional committee of the ASE, a Teaching Leaders Fellow on the 2013 programme and will begin working with Teaching Leaders as an alumni facilitator from September. He enjoys researching new T&L strategies and working alongside the fantastic teachers within our department, as well as supporting trainee teachers. He was awarded CSciTeach in 2015.

t: @ScienceDouglas

Debbie Ferrer

Debbie Ferrer is an English teacher with over ten years of teaching experience. In her previous school she led on EAL, and is currently an English SLE and Strategic Leader at a school in Harrow, North West London. Presently Debbie is leading on Lesson Study at her school, as well as an English Curriculum Collaboration Project with English teachers from across the country, which involves sharing resources digitally and ongoing teacher discussion forums. The aim of this project is to collaborate and enhance subject specialism in preparation for the new curriculum changes.

t: @Debsgf

#TLT15 Sponsors and Supporters

Teach Pitch

TeachPitch is a cloud-based learning platform that helps teachers and schools identify the best online resources available.  Our website was founded by a former teacher who, constantly constrained for time and budget, struggled to find and manage the best and most relevant answers to his questions among the abundance of learning resources, platforms and content already available on the Internet.

t: @teachpitch

University of Southampton
Main supporter of #TLT15

Working in partnership with a range of organisations in the UK and overseas, the Southampton Education School is advancing policy and practice in education, teaching and learning around the world. Through research we aim to respond to some of today’s key issues; how people will work, the health of future generations, the issue of social equality and how to ensure a flow of people with the science, technology, engineering and maths skills to help address environmental and other challenges.


The Literacy Shed
Supporters of #TLT15

The Literacy Shed


The Literacy Shed website is home to a wealth of visual literacy resources. Over 500 films, animations and images that will engage children and inspire them to write. Each film comes complete with a short synopsis and a list of teaching ideas and strategies that can be used to enhance existing schemes of work or form the basis of exciting reading and writing units.

t: @LiteracyShed

Jason Ramasami
Supporters of #TLT15

Jason Ramasami is a teacher of Religious Studies at an independent school on the south coast. In his spare time he is often working on a variety of illustration and film projects. Visit his website (http://saamvisual.com) for examples and contact info.

t: @jasonramasami

Iris Connect
Supporters of #TLT15

Did you know that one of the most effective ways for teachers to learn is from each other?

It’s knowledge like this that’s helped us to develop IRIS Connect; a CPD tool that allows teachers to reflect personally on their lessons when they want to, share ideas and techniques in order to improve their teaching practice, and contribute to the continuous development of colleagues.

Research shows that 94% of teachers actively using IRIS Connect say their teaching has improved and 88% feel their confidence has risen.

t: @iris_connect

Supporters of #TLT15

UKEdchat is a global community of educators with a focus on professional development, pedagogy, ideas and careers.

t: @ukedchat


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