09 Aug 2013

Lesson study and how it can work for you

Edssential article from @murphiegirl : A few years ago I came across the methodology known as Lesson Study. It’s been used with great success in the US and Japan in the last 10-15 years and it involves a different type of observation. You can read more about it here in its...
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31 Jul 2013

Frightened People Ticking Pointless Boxes

Edssential article from @BarryNSmith79 : I earn a crust from doing inset. Yes, one of those charlatans that “teaches teachers how to teach” ‘cos he hasn’t got a clue how to hack it in the real world. Shoot me down in flames! When I “teach teachers how to teach” my aim is...
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28 Jul 2013

OFSTED ‘Outstanding’…who me? Never!

Edssential article from @MsFindlater : Observations can be one of the most stressful experiences in a teachers job. As an NQT and well into the first couple of years of teaching, observations were the stuff of nightmares for me. Cold sweats and waking up in the middle of the...
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14 Jul 2013

What is Outstanding?

Edssential article from @mj_bromley : I spend a lot of time travelling the country speaking to teachers and school leaders, and the question I am asked more than any other is this: what is an outstanding lesson?[1] My answer? Rather disappointingly: ‘There is no silver bullet.’...
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01 Jul 2013

Live Lesson Obs:Making Lesson Observations Formative

Edssential article from @learningspy : You can push and prod people into something better than mediocrity, but you have to encourage excellence. David Lammy We’ve all experienced the dread and agony of formal lesson observations, haven’t we? We’ve sweated blood over our...
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15 Jun 2013

What makes a good observation, and why it isn’t a grade.

Edssential article from @tombennett71 : Last week I wrote about some of the reasons why lesson observations can lack utility. In this piece, I want to do two things: define the two contradictory aims of lesson observations, and ways in which these aims can be teased apart in...
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15 Jun 2013

Why Coaching Works

Edssential article from @shaun_allison : In 2009, I was fortunate enough to have a book published – The Coaching Toolkit (my mum was very proud, but I was quite embarassed with the cover, which is a bit of a shocker!)  At the time I had been doing a great deal of work with my...
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15 Jun 2013

Even Better If we specifically focused on What Went Well

Edssential article from @fullonlearning: Over the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to work in a wide variety of contexts around the country with fabulously open and highly reflective practitioners. Of late, I have been involved in engaging and often very challenging...
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11 Jun 2013

The Beaufort Wind Scale – why we need an observation revolution

Edssential article from @tombennett71 : Before technology bled the last drop of romance from navigation, sailors used the Beaufort Wind Force Scale to measure wind speed. Without instruments to accurately measure conditions, mariners resorted to subjective value judgements...
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