16 Aug 2013

Advice to new senior leaders

Edssential article from @LeadingLearner : #SLTChat is providing a whole raft of great issues to blog on and I’ve picked up another one this weekend proposed by @ChrisHildrew.  He posed the question, “What single piece of advice would you offer to someone taking up a senior...
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09 Aug 2013

How can schools create a vibrant staff culture?

Edssential article from @joe__kirby : “School leaders must never forget: nothing is more important than your people” Paul Bambrick-Santoyo A speech I heard last year by Dame Sally Coates, headteacher at Burlington Danes Academy, struck me as a great example of striking this...
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02 Aug 2013

This Much I Know About…Developing Leadership and Shaping the SLT

Edssential article from @johntomsett : The days of having to time-serve before gaining a leadership post in schools are well gone; if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. I was fortunate to be given the chance to lead even when I was hardly ready; I owe John Morris, Peter...
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31 Jul 2013

Mosquito Moments – When Leaders Stop Listening

Edssential article from @kevbartle : First of all, let me say that I think most members of senior leadership teams within schools do the job for all the right reasons. They do it because they care about students and their futures. They do it because they care about staff and...
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28 Jul 2013

Seven Levers of Highly Effective School Leaders

Edssential article from @joe__kirby : Highly effective school leaders prioritise what most improves school culture and teaching. How well do American books about teaching transfer across the Atlantic here in England? Before I started teaching, I read Doug Lemov’s Teach Like A...
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14 Jul 2013

What is Outstanding?

Edssential article from @mj_bromley : I spend a lot of time travelling the country speaking to teachers and school leaders, and the question I am asked more than any other is this: what is an outstanding lesson?[1] My answer? Rather disappointingly: ‘There is no silver bullet.’...
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14 Jul 2013

What makes great school leadership

Edssential article from @joe__kirby: When Nelson Mandela emerged from prison after 27 years, many of South Africa’s four million whites feared they would be driven into the sea. Many of South Africa’s forty million blacks were calling for retribution for four decades of brutal...
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10 Jul 2013

Accountability we can trust

Edssential article from @headguruteacher: I’m convinced that our existing accountability framework is preventing schools from improving at the pace that they could be or in the way that they should be. OfSTED and Performance Tables dominate the thinking of too many Heads and...
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03 Jul 2013

The Myth of the ‘Quality of Teaching’

Edssential article from @kevbartle : If you’re only as good as your last post on a subject then I am completely off my rocker to even try and attempt a second “Myth of…” post. The first one, on “The Myth of Progress Within Lessons” is closing in on 7000 views making it easily my...
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01 Jul 2013

Live Lesson Obs:Making Lesson Observations Formative

Edssential article from @learningspy : You can push and prod people into something better than mediocrity, but you have to encourage excellence. David Lammy We’ve all experienced the dread and agony of formal lesson observations, haven’t we? We’ve sweated blood over our...
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