20 May 2015

Dealing with difficult conversations

Edssential article from @ICTEvangelist: It is true that honesty is always the best policy but how you deliver that feedback and have that conversation is something which can turn that conversation in to a win or a massive lose. Delivering bad news is never easy but these frank...
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26 Feb 2015

Tips for a Middle Management role

Edssential article from @jillberry102 : Sometimes, the extra-curricular life of the school enables us to indulge our hobbies, and to develop new interests. Teaching is demanding, and there are pressures, but there are also rewards, and you may be exhausted, but it isn’t oft...
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21 Jan 2015

The nonsense of the grade descriptors

Edssential article from @chrishildrew: This week I have finalised our new Assessment, Marking and Feedback policy and submitted the draft to the Governors for review. This policy was a complete rewrite, incorporating and committing to our latest thinking on assessment without...
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03 Dec 2014

Purchasing Louisiana, or at least letting teachers choose their CPD

Edssential article from @HFletcherWood : In 1803, James Monroe was dispatched to gain access to a port in Louisiana for the United States.  Sent to France as an Extraordinary Envoy, he instead purchased the whole of Louisiana for $15 million (twice the federal budget that year),...
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02 Nov 2014

It’s a Myth-tery: 7 ways in which Ofsted are better than SLTs

Edssential article from @kevbartle: This is a summary of my presentation to Teaching and Learning Takeover (TLT14) this October. The organisers asked me to base my presentation on my most-read blogpost The Myth of Progress Within Lessons. This is what I came up with. I began by...
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05 Oct 2014

My 7 rules for leading when it is hard

Edssential article from @RosMcM: There has never been a time for me when it hasn’t been hard. Towards the end of my first headship, after OFSTED had been extremely complimentary about the turnaround that had taken place and had made some blush-inducing remarks about me, someone...
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26 Aug 2014

10 top tips for teachers heading into school senior leadership teams

Edssential article from @jillberry102 : Be aware that you may now have different priorities You won’t have the same responsibilities as classroom teachers with full teaching timetables, but don’t forget what it feels like to be in their shoes. It’s important to help them to do...
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23 Aug 2014

Leadership – Keep your cool during difficult conversations

Edssential article from @RealGeoffBarton : Talking to staff about complaints or poor performance may seem daunting, but follow these guidelines and you won’t go far wrong As soon as you are promoted in education, your responsibility shifts sideways. Whether you step up to become...
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22 May 2014

Leadership – a transferable skill?

Edssential article from @StuartLock : The All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby union team, are arguably the most successful sports team in the world. They have achieved sustained success over a number of years. Their standards are world-class. I recently read the ...
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21 Mar 2014

This much I know about…why we should never grade individual lessons again!

Edssential article from @johntomsett : What is the Headteacher’s single most important responsibility? If you read the first four adverts for Headships in this week’s TES online Jobs section you’d think it was to gain an Outstanding OFSTED judgement: This appointment represents a...
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