05 Jan 2014

I can see clearly now….

Edssential article from @shaun_allison : I thought I would write this post in the spirit of #nurture1314 – starting with a confession! I used to be a bit of an OFSTED chaser – there’s a lot of it about. By that, I mean I used to spend a great deal of time distributing checklists,...
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03 Dec 2013

‘Should I be marking every piece of work?’

Edssential article from @MaryMyatt : This was a question put to me as I worked with a group of teachers this week. My answer was ‘No’. ‘But we are expected to mark everything in our school, so can you point me to the evidence that says that not every piece of work needs to be...
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28 Nov 2013

What are critiques for?

Edssential article from @DKMead : Besides improving the quality of student work,being  an opportunity to check (real) progress, reflect upon next steps, and being an opportunity to teach critical ideas to an  audience of engaged students. What is the point of these time consuming...
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10 Nov 2013

Closing the Gap – developing efficient feedback techniques

Edssential article from @Westylish : Towards the end of last term and at the start of this I have been looking to develop my strategies for ensuring students make the most of their feedback and hopefully therefore make the most progress. Firstly, I think it’s important to...
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09 Nov 2013

Formative use of Summative Tests: Marking #Blogsync

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : Ever since the idea of formative assessment was expressed by Dylan Wiliam and Paul Black in ‘Inside the Black Box’, one of the practical strategies suggested has been the formative use of summative tests.  Typically tests are regarded as...
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09 Oct 2013

Marking is an act of love

Edssential article from @learningspy : Have you ever flicked back through an exercise book and seen the same repeated comments followed with soul numbing certainty by the same repeated mistakes? There are few things more crushing to the spirit of hardworking teachers than this...
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02 Oct 2013

The 20%: Feedback

Edssential article from @mj_bromley : An essential part of Assessment for Learning is giving feedback to students, both to assess their current achievement and to indicate what their next steps should be. Feedback is also ranked as the number one intervention strategy in terms of...
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15 Sep 2013

Fabulous Feedback

Edssential article from @hannahtyreman : There are a number of areas of my teaching practice that I’m looking to seriously improve this year and I’ve been writing about each aspect over the last few weeks. Perhaps of the utmost importance is feedback and marking. I am now...
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21 Jul 2013

7 Key Characteristics of Better Learning Feedback

Edssential article from @teachtought : Whether or not the feedback is just “there” to be grasped or offered by another person, all the examples highlight seven key characteristics of helpful feedback. Helpful feedback is – Goal-referenced Transparent Actionable User-friendly...
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21 Jul 2013

What’s the secret to assessing pupil progress every lesson?

Edssential article from @Kris_Boulton : Use exit tickets to get a snapshot of what every student took away from your lesson This is the single most powerful thing I’ve done all year, from lesson one, maintaining it consistently, and it’s impressed external observers and internal...
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