05 Jan 2014

Differentiating the responsive way

Edssential article from @atharby : In last week’s post – here – I looked at how we might mark students’ written work strategically, considering not just the feedback we will give them, but also the practicalities of how we expect them to respond to our feedback. This week I am...
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28 Nov 2013

Defining the Butterfly: Knowing the Standards to Set the Standards

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : In preparing to deliver some CPD inputs recently, at my own school and another in Essex, I’ve been thinking about the problem of providing the appropriate level of challenge for all learners in the work we set and in the work we accept. ...
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17 Nov 2013

Gifted and talented at reading loads of books

Edssential article from @Xris32 : I am asking the common question again: What can I do to push students? Like a pinball machine, a teacher’s head has lots of things and questions wheezing around in it and sometimes it hits something interesting and score points; other times the...
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31 Oct 2013

What Do I Do With the Scary Smart Ones?

Edssential article from @readingthebooks : A member of SLT I greatly admire told me recently “I don’t like labels.” I think I had forgotten you were allowed to say that in a school. We have so very many labels for our sausages (another member of SLT described the kiddies thus –...
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14 Jul 2013

High Expectations? Hmmm

Edssential article from @Teachric : Item 1 for discussion: “have high expectations of children and young people” This used to be the first teaching standard back in the day when there was a proper statutory framework for assessing (NQT/Trainee) teachers. It is a...
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09 Jul 2013

Approaching Differentiation: The proof is in the pudding

Edssential article from @andrewwarnerkms : This year I have been trying to use a common sense approach to challenge and differentiation. Rather than slavishly accept the doctrine to dumb down my resources and make the language of explanations “accessible” (read “easy”), I’ve...
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15 Jun 2013

Building Challenge: Differentiation that’s quick and works

Edssential article from @learningspy : Since having a good long think about differentiation some while back it doesn’t keep me up at nights nearly as much as it used to. But this is still one of my most visited posts so clearly other folks continue to be troubled. I want to set...
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15 Jun 2013

Great Lessons 4: Differentiation

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : The aim of this series of posts is to focus on the habits of excellent practice; our default mode.  As I have said elsewhere, every class is a mixed ability class so, regardless of our views on selection or setting, all teachers need to...
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07 Jun 2013

Marking is feedback is differentiation is planning

Edssential article from @kennypieper: For the #blogsync project  “A Teaching and Learning strategy intended to elicit the highest levels of student motivation in my subject” I may be opening myself up to ridicule here but, as an English teacher, I don’t think I’ve ever been as...
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04 Jun 2013

Why we’ve got differentiation wrong

Edssential article from @andrewwarnerkms : I hate the way that many of us teachers are encouraged to differentiate, and the way that many teachers understand the term. In contemporary education, differentiation has, for many practitioners, become synonymous with “dumbing down”....
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