26 Jun 2015

Adventures in my classroom – displays

Edssential article from @CristaHazell: A few days ago I was overjoyed to see that @flashsticks had tweeted a very old castle, it was an image from the grammar pages of a very ancient tricolore book from my teenage years. I loved this image and I still love it now, I had it...
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07 May 2015

Revision and Research

Edssential article from @MissJLud: I don’t have much time to read blog posts anymore. I’m not sure I ever did but even less now I have made a conscious effort to ensure life comes before work and tend to book up my weekends! I’m not sure how that’s working out either… but this...
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07 May 2015

This much I know about what really works when preparing students for their examinations

Edssential article from @johntomsett : I am keener than ever to spend as much time as possible in classrooms. As I wrote in a post last October, leading our teachers’ own learning about teaching, is, I feel, the most important thing I do in my role as a Headteacher. It’s not...
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31 Mar 2015

Memory platforms

Edssential article from @atharby : A few years ago, still under the spell of the starter/main/development/plenary model of my teaching training, I began to stray. My distinctly unimpressive timekeeping meant that I would usually find myself doing the plenary of the previous...
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03 Dec 2014

Revision: Advice for parents

Edssential article from @StuartLock: We’ve recently rewritten our (42 page) booklet giving advice to parents on how best to support their children in advance of examinations. This booklet use to contain advice on post-it notes, making up songs, sticking posters to the ceiling...
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21 Jul 2013

Making the best use of exam questions

Edssential article from @york_science : I have written before about Diagnostic Questions. A good diagnostic question can reveal a lot about a student’s thinking. Many of the questions we have written for the York Science Project have drawn on research evidence to provide the...
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02 Jul 2013

Everything you thought you knew about learning is wrong

Edssential article from @garthsundem : Taking notes during class? Topic-focused study? A consistent learning environment? All are exactly opposite of the best strategies for learning. I recently had the good fortune to interview Robert Bjork, the director of the UCLA Learning and...
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01 Jul 2013

What’s the difference between remembering and memorising?

Edssential article from @Kris_Boulton : Memorisation is an active process.  Remembering is passive.  At least this is my inexpert claim; I would like to hear other people’s thoughts, based on what they’ve read. Ah distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December… In this line...
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25 Jun 2013

Effective revision strategies

Edssential article from @HuntingEnglish : There is a lot of cognitive science research that proves what revision strategies work best for embedding information into the long term memory – which is our goal in relation to exam success. Some of it is common sense, but other aspects...
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31 May 2013

Making revision work

Edssential article from @davidfawcett27: Over the years I have run numerous revision sessions to GCSE groups.  I have run Easter revision sessions, after-school revision sessions, online Twitter revision hours and one to one revision intervention groups.  I have taught students...
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