26 Jun 2015

10 Research Based Principles of Instruction for Teachers

Edssential article from @dan_brinton: I recently read an American Educator article from 2012 by Barak Rosenshine that set out 10 principles of instruction informed by research, with subsequent suggestions for implementing them in the classroom. It was also one of the articles...
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26 Nov 2014

Questioning and feedback: Top ten strategies

Edssential article from @HuntingEnglish : As part of our whole staff training at Huntington School we have been sharing ideas and collating ‘Top Ten Strategies’. This list is the fruits of our labour: 1. Differentiated questioning. Given the time we take doing it daily, effective...
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02 Nov 2014

10 Silver Arrows: Ideas to penetrate the armour of ingrained practice

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : Silver Arrows? It’s very hard to change your practice.  We’re all so busy, very often it is difficult to create space to fully explore a set of ideas and to deliberately adapt our teaching routines to absorb something new.  At the same...
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24 Aug 2014

Learning happens in the silence or the Power of Wait Time

Edssential article from @mssackstein: The complex and uncomfortable moments between sounds. It’s the time we make the wrong assumption that nothing is happening. In my earlier career, silence was my kryptonite. Something inside me stirred and rumbled and rather than let it stir...
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23 Aug 2014

Getting Great

Edssential article from @shaun_allison: Teaching is a creative profession, and at DHS we want our teachers to be innovative and excited about what they do – not stifled by an overly prescriptive approach to teaching.  We want teachers to takes risks and try new things out, by...
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22 Apr 2014

The Right Questions, The Right Way

Edssential article from @ASCD and @dylanwiliam : What do the questions teachers ask in class really reveal about student learning? It is perhaps the most familiar of all classroom routines: A teacher asks the class a question, several students raise their hands, the teacher...
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06 Apr 2014

Modelling & Questioning

Edssential article from @shaun_allison : The 15 Minute Forum was led tonight by English teacher and Literacy Leader, Lucy Darling.  Lucy started the session by saying that when she was using modelling in her lessons, she also considered the key questions that she would need to...
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06 Apr 2014

Pedagogy Postcard #1: Dialogic Questions

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : There are lots of ways of asking questions.  Previously I’ve written about: Probing Questions: http://headguruteacher.com/2013/01/22/great-lessons-1-probing-questions...
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21 Mar 2014

Questions about questioning: just how important is it?

Edssential article from @LearningSpy : It’s a little tiresome, but I feel I must preface this by saying that these are just my thoughts. I’m not claiming anyone is wrong (or right for that matter) just that it always pays to question anything that passes as conventional wisdom....
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14 Feb 2014


Edssential article from @carlnewman9526 : Alex Quigley, subject Leader of English & Assistant Head at Huntington Secondary School, rightly calls questioning the ‘bread and butter of great teaching’ something I have forgotten at times over the years, sometime when I have...
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