26 Feb 2015

Why? Why? Why?

Edssential article from @MissDCox : On an education forum I frequent, teachers regularly complain about their school marking policy that demands them to mark student books, say every 2 lessons and how impossible it is to manage the workload. The remaining thread is people sharing...
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02 Nov 2014

It’s a Myth-tery: 7 ways in which Ofsted are better than SLTs

Edssential article from @kevbartle: This is a summary of my presentation to Teaching and Learning Takeover (TLT14) this October. The organisers asked me to base my presentation on my most-read blogpost The Myth of Progress Within Lessons. This is what I came up with. I began by...
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05 Oct 2014


Edssential article from @mj_bromley : I’ve created an infographic to accompany this article – download it for free here. At Easter, I wrote an article for Sec Ed magazine about lesson observations. The article was published in June and you can read it here. Since writing it, I’ve...
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22 Sep 2014

Don’t Expect Novices to Learn by Doing What Experts Do

Edssential article from @mr_chadwick : In Daniel T. Willingham’s book ‘Why Don’t Students Like School’ he devotes a whole chapter to the myth that the way to get someone to become an expert is to copy what an expert does. He makes a compelling case that...
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26 Aug 2014

Embracing expansive approaches to the use of lesson observation

Edssential article from @drmattoleary: In last summer’s issue of CPD Matters I discussed the topic of graded lesson observations in further education and argued that the continued emphasis on measuring teacher competence and performance via the Ofsted 4-point scale had not only...
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23 Aug 2014

Getting Great

Edssential article from @shaun_allison: Teaching is a creative profession, and at DHS we want our teachers to be innovative and excited about what they do – not stifled by an overly prescriptive approach to teaching.  We want teachers to takes risks and try new things out, by...
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21 Mar 2014

This much I know about…why we should never grade individual lessons again!

Edssential article from @johntomsett : What is the Headteacher’s single most important responsibility? If you read the first four adverts for Headships in this week’s TES online Jobs section you’d think it was to gain an Outstanding OFSTED judgement: This appointment represents a...
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05 Jan 2014

I can see clearly now….

Edssential article from @shaun_allison : I thought I would write this post in the spirit of #nurture1314 – starting with a confession! I used to be a bit of an OFSTED chaser – there’s a lot of it about. By that, I mean I used to spend a great deal of time distributing checklists,...
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17 Nov 2013

Lesson observation: the shocking mediation of Ofsted criteria

Edssential article from @LearningSpy : There’s a lot said and written about what Ofsted do and don’t want to see in lessons, and it turns out a lot of it is nonsense. Fortunately though we have Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector, saying all kinds of sensible things: Ofsted...
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09 Nov 2013

Professional Development at my academy – No Lesson grades EVER!

Edssential article from @ChrisMoyse : So here goes. This is my first ever blog post on my first blog and may be my last as I’m not sure how often I will get the time to do this. I have tweeted many times about how much I dislike graded lesson observations and, as a result, I do...
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