19 Aug 2013

Childness; Or why I read children’s books

Edssential article from @chrishildrew : I was fascinated to read the report in the Guardian on the research project conducted by Jo Bowers and Dr Susan Davis into the benefits of children’s literature. Focused on their primary PGCE cohort at Cardiff Metropolitan University, they...
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10 Jul 2013

Literacy in PE (and every other subject!)

Edssential article from @davidfawcett27 : Literacy is a key theme this year and one which is being raised and commented a lot in various forums.  Ideas and discussion have flowed on Twitter.  Numerous blog ideas have looked at how to develop better reading or writing techniques...
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11 Jun 2013

“Choice of three” – Simple notes from a video

Edssential article from @DKMead : This strategy is best used with a focused video clip, although I’m sure a “tight” teacher  input will work too. Obviously, it takes place at the start of a lesson and should only take around 10 minutes to complete. Th...
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06 Jun 2013

Deep reading: Literacy across the curriculum

Edssential article from @Xris32: My journey to work takes about twenty five minutes. It should be shorter, but that is down to several things on the way. First, I leave my street and wait at the junction and wait for gap to get through the traffic. Then, I carry on a road for a...
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04 Jun 2013

Improving extended writing: The TOWER model

Edssential article from @nwatkin: Since September I have been looking at effective student behaviours with fresh eyes. This was triggered largely by my rereading of ‘Teaching for Effective Learning‘ – a collection of ideas from the Project for Enchancing Effective Learning...
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03 Jun 2013

Engaging students with texts

Edssential article from @davidfawcett27: During my recent Cycling project (my first attempt at PBL), I really tried to consciously drive literacy through everything I did.  I’ve recently seen the benefit of stepping away from my reliance of text books and using alternative...
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01 Jun 2013

Slow writing: How slowing down can improve your writing

Edssential article from @learningspy : Exam season is nearly upon us and English departments across the land will be gearing up to the Herculean labour of training students to churn out essays which, they hope, will earn them the much coveted A*-C grade in English Language. The...
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01 Jun 2013

How to get students to value writing

Edssential article from @Learningspy : Sir, do we have to write in sentences? Yes, you bloody well do! Students do a lot of writing at school but, bless me, most of it’s turgid stuff. In practically every lesson they’re required to scribble stuff down in their excise books, even...
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