20 Mar 2014

Writing Endings

Edssential article from @GoldfishBowlMM: Students struggle with endings for a number of reasons. For many, it’s that they run out of time, and write things like ‘NOT FINISHED! SORRY SIR!’, others have no idea how to end something and a fair few have no plan whatsoever so an...
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27 Feb 2014

Frankenstein’s Essay

Edssential article from @Xris32 : The more I teach English, the more I am faced with difficult questions. What coloured post-its should I use in this lesson? Should I use the whiteboard this lesson? Or, should I use the interactive whiteboard? There are these questions, and then...
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13 Feb 2014

This much I know about…teaching students how to plan stonkingly good essays!

Edssential article from @johntomsett : I have been a teacher for 25 years, a Headteacher for 10 years and, at the age of 49, this much I know about teaching students how to plan stonkingly good essays! The art of essay planning is difficult to learn. Too many students get to A...
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22 Jan 2014

At first glance: A sentence starter adds unexpected rigor to writing

Edssential article from @Doug_Lemov : We wrapped up two days of workshops on Ratio on Friday. Ratio is the principle that it’s not whether the teacher gets a mental workout, but whether students do. Our workshops focus on building two types of Ratio, Participation Ratio (who’s...
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05 Jan 2014

The Vocabulary Gap

Edssential article from @GoldfishBowlMM : “Learning, as a language based activity, is fundamentally and profoundly dependent on vocabulary knowledge.” * This is the first in a series of posts about vocabulary.  Some practical teaching ideas will follow.  Here, I discuss the...
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05 Dec 2013

Modelling writing… and the meaning of life

Edssential article from @atharby : Forgive me for starting with a personal story. My son, George, was born with a rare corneal condition in his left eye. At 3 months, his eye was operated on at Great Ormond Street giving some possibility of sight. For six months, his right eye –...
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17 Nov 2013

Gifted and talented at reading loads of books

Edssential article from @Xris32 : I am asking the common question again: What can I do to push students? Like a pinball machine, a teacher’s head has lots of things and questions wheezing around in it and sometimes it hits something interesting and score points; other times the...
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31 Oct 2013

What Do I Do With the Scary Smart Ones?

Edssential article from @readingthebooks : A member of SLT I greatly admire told me recently “I don’t like labels.” I think I had forgotten you were allowed to say that in a school. We have so very many labels for our sausages (another member of SLT described the kiddies thus –...
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13 Oct 2013

Writing for a real audience!

Edssential article from @ICT_MrP : This half term I have been working with a year 5 class on a Thursday afternoon. We have been basing our work around the theme from the Film Blackfish about Whales in captivity. In the first week back in September, after discussing the film with...
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06 Oct 2013

Getting on top of homework

Edssential article from @GoldfishBowlMM: Teaching is really hard. One of the problems is that there are so many things to do and not really enough time to do everything in the way that we want. I have struggled to keep on top of all of my work and still retain anything like a...
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