31 Mar 2015

Developing the art of the sentence

Edssential article from @GoldfishBowlMM : If you have read Teach Like a Champion 2.0, you’ll be familiar with ‘The Art of the Sentence’. The technique is described as follows: Ask students to synthesize a complex idea in a single, well-crafted sentence. The discipline of having...
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26 Nov 2014

Ignite the Thesaurus! Synonymy in the classroom.

Edssential article from @Mr_Bunker_edu : I don’t wish to start off the blog-post by sounding too boastful. But, and I’m sure you’ll be jealous to learn this, I have a full set of thesauruses in my classroom. Yep, that’s right. While most other English classrooms along the...
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02 Nov 2014

10 Silver Arrows: Ideas to penetrate the armour of ingrained practice

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : Silver Arrows? It’s very hard to change your practice.  We’re all so busy, very often it is difficult to create space to fully explore a set of ideas and to deliberately adapt our teaching routines to absorb something new.  At the same...
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05 Oct 2014

Distilling the best out of words

Edssential article from @atharby: After reading Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion this weekend, I got to considering two of the main strategies he advocates: ‘Right is Right’ and ‘Format Matters’. Essentially, ‘Right is Right’ is about holding out for the best answer in...
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23 Aug 2014

Why reading must come before analysis

Edssential article from @englishlulu: Rewind and start from the beginning I have hit a stumbling block in my quest for a better approach to teaching essay writing. A major one. Actually it’s not a stumbling block, it’s a person.  Me, mostly me and how and what I teach. I have...
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06 Jul 2014

When will … when will .. when will I be subtle?

Edssential article from @Xris32 : An interesting thing happened to me in a lesson: something that I didn’t really expect, or even anticipate in my planning. As I am in the last slog of preparing for the exams, I have been getting students to answer past papers. Every week I have...
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03 Jul 2014

The beauty of annotations

Edssential article from @joe__kirby : Like dewdrops on a dragonfly, annotations are microscopic, fragile and beautiful. I’ve come to believe that they’re the most important secret for teaching literature; a hidden treasure trove, waiting to be discovered. Here’s what I think is...
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22 May 2014

Can I be that little bit better at…improving the quality of students writing in my lessons?

Edssential article from @davidfawcett27 : Last month I wrote a guest blog post for Subject Support (which can be found here). It looked at ways that as a PE teacher I can improve the quality of students written work in theory lessons. Since then I have had a number of very...
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23 Mar 2014

The Essay Emporium: crowdsourcing English essay titles

Edssential article from @joe__kirby : Like a butterfly or a wild flower cupped in your hand, essay titles are small and delicate. Seen differently, though, they are a microcosm of our entire subject. Chris Curtis eloquently makes the case for the humble essay. Essays are not only...
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20 Mar 2014

Multiple models and the journey to freedom

Edssential article from @atharby : “ To me education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil’s soul. To Miss Mackay it is a putting in of something that is not there, and that is not what I call education, I call it intrusion…” ― Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss...
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