01 Apr 2015

@IPEVO Making Teaching and Learning More Visible

Edssential article from @LeadingLearner : The world of teaching and learning can become full of gimmicks, fads and “must have” gadgets.  The IPEVO visualiser is different.  It is a rare example of a non-gimmicky gadget that won’t just be a passing fad. At the end of September we...
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27 Aug 2014

GCSE Outcomes and Transition Matrices: A data tool every teacher can use

Edssential article from @headguruteacher : As most people recognise, when evaluating the degree of success in a set of GCSE outcomes we need some sense of the baseline before we start making like-for-like comparisons.   At the risk of stating the obvious, how well we’ve done all...
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13 Oct 2013

Writing for a real audience!

Edssential article from @ICT_MrP : This half term I have been working with a year 5 class on a Thursday afternoon. We have been basing our work around the theme from the Film Blackfish about Whales in captivity. In the first week back in September, after discussing the film with...
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21 Sep 2013

Twitter in the Classroom

Edssential article from @ICTEvangelist : Many is the blog post which highlights the ways in which Twitter is the best staffroom in the world but I’ve not seen too many that highlight the ways in which we can use Twitter in the classroom. Many teachers love to use Twitter as a...
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02 Jun 2013

Google Drive for Teachers with ‘How-to’ video links

Edssential article from @syded06: Google has tripled free storage space, across Gmail, Google+ and Drive, bringing the total to 15GB. This is a serious move by Google as it places the company at the forefront of cloud based solutions with institutions working to tight financial...
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02 Jun 2013

Six great ways to publish students work

Edssential article from @glennw98: We know that the world is moving online and that to prepare our kids for that world, we need to train them to use that world’s tools.  We know that publishing student work beyond the classroom encourages authentically engaged kids who create...
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01 Jun 2013

QR codes and documenting brilliant learning

Edssential article from @Pekabelo : One of the most powerful influences on a student’s passion for learning is how others notice their efforts. To notice what they have done; the hard work, the progress made, the energy used, the mistakes learnt. This is going to be my number one...
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